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Frequently Asked Question's (FAQ's)


Where can I place a bet?

You can buy 4D tickets at any of the sale outlets or from
the agents’ representative sellers with mobile PDA
throughout Lao P.D.R.  Except for Sunday, they are
open for sales throughout the week.

A ticket will be issued for each bet slip when you purchase
your bets at Mega outlets. Check the ticket to ensure that
the printed details are accurate. Inform the selling staff
immediately, if anything is wrong.

Note: No tickets will be issued for bets via phone betting service. Customers can track their bets on website.

If one or more 4D numbers are sold out or the bet amount
accepted is less than the amount requested for, the amount
of bet will not be accepted and no ticket will be printed out.
However a customer may try to buy at another Mega 4D
outlet across the country for possible vacancy of the same number.

If an asterisk “*” appears next to the bet amount on your ticket,
it means that the bet amount accepted is less than the
amount you requested for. This is because the particular
4D number has reached its sales limit for that draw.
If a “ S’OUT” appears on the ticket, it means the particular
4D number has been sold out.

MMC Sale Outlets Opening Times

On All days : 10.00am to 7.00pm
Sunday : Closed

(However some outlets are open for business on Sunday.
Please check with your regular 4D outlets nearest to you.)

4D Draw Days

Every week, the Lao Lottery Organisation conducts two
regular draws. These regular draws are conducted on every
Tuesday and Friday at 8.00pm.
The Company may from time to time, whenever granted
permission by the Finance Ministry, to conduct special draws.

All draws are conducted at the draw auditorium on the ground
floor of Lao Lottery Office of the Ministry of Finance, located at: 
Ban ThongSangNang, Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.

All draws are open to the public and all members of the public
are always welcome to witness or even participate in the draws.

4D Results

After each draw, the 4D Results drawn are immediately available
through the following channels:

• Results display board at the front facade of
Mega Management Office, 111, Ban Haisok, Vientiane.

• Mega 4D website at

• SMS Results facility which delivers results via SMS message
to all registered users

4D results of each draw are also published in most leading local
newspapers on the day after the draw. In addition, results of the 3
most recent draws are available on results display boards at all
Mega 4D outlets.


Claiming Prizes

Prizes can be claimed either at Mega outlets or Mega state offices depending on the total prize payable for the ticket and the number of days that have lapsed since the draw.

Follow the table below to determine where to claim your prize.

Prize Amount Payment Period Claim From
4D Prizes 30 days Any MMC Offices
3D & 2D Prizes 10 days Any MMC Offices

Important Notice:
All winning tickets must be claimed within 30 days from the draw. All prizes which are not claimed within this 6-month validity period will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance.

When claiming your prizes, you must present valid winning 4D tickets. A winning ticket is considered valid and acceptable for claim only if it satisfies all of the following

• It is issued by Mega Management or its' appointed agents.

• It is printed on genuine ticket stock or paper supplied by Mega Management Co.Ltd.

• All particulars on the ticket are clear and legible.

• All particulars on the ticket are identical in all aspects with those on the electronic copy recorded and kept on the Company's computer system.

• The ticket has not been altered, defaced, mutilated, torn or tampered with in any manner whatsoever.

• The ticket has not already been cancelled as per the Company's computer records.

• The ticket has not already been claimed or paid as per the Company's computer records.

• The validity of ticket has not expired i.e. it is still within 2 weeks from the draw.

• The ticket must be able to pass all the Company's security checks.

• The above notwithstanding, the ticket must comply with and satisfy the requirements for a valid winning ticket as described under the Company's Rules and Regulations.

What identification must I produce to claim my prize?
You must present the winning ticket. Bring any of your valid ID's such as Passport, Government ID.

Is my prize money be taxable?
No, All winning prizes are net.

How should I take care of my tickets?

Your tickets should be kept in a good condition. It is very important that you keep your tickets properly. You must NOT stain, iron, wash, fold and crumple your ticket.

What should I do if my ticket is lost or stolen?

Our rules and regulations clearly state that a prize is payable to the bearer of a valid winning ticket. Lao Lottery will only consider prize claims if the lost or stolen ticket (which is a winning ticket) is eventually found and produced for processing in accordance with the rules and regulations. No claims can be entertained without the presentation of the winning ticket. Therefore, we strongly advise our customers to take good care of their tickets.

If my ticket is torn, can I still claim ny prize?

Prizes will only be paid to the bearer of a valid winning ticket that is in good condition. As far as possible, Lao Lottery will endeavour to process tickets which are torn, mutilated, defaced or disfigured, provided the essential information on the torn tickets is legible for further processing and validation.

How soon can obtain the latest draw results?
You can check the latest results on

Can I still get the past draw results?
You can check and download the past draw of
Lao Lottery here,

How to become an Agent?

Please call us and we will discuss this matter so that you have
enough and better understanding on our
Agent's Terms and Conditions.

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